Great deals on headphones!

I was looking at some headphones and stumbled upon these great deals!

Skullcandy Hesh Cavaliers Lebron James
Direct form Skullcandy's Ebay store!
On sale for only US $17.99 Regularly $49.95

V-moda headphones
Ebay seller 128headphones probably has the best prices anywhere for V-moda headphones. 
Check out their twitter only auction where they are selling Bass Freqs for only $3.99. I picked up 3 pairs for myself! 

Ultimate Ears Super Fi 4vi
The seller of these headphones claims they are 100% brand new and genuine in bulk packaging. For this price I might go give them a try.

So what do you people listen to?
Currently I have the Steelseries Siberia neckband for gaming but it works great for listening to music too.


  1. They're good deals, but they aren't nearly the best headphones for your buck. Check out headphones from Sennheiser and Shure and see what they have in your price range. I swear by Sennheiser, I could never leave them.

  2. I Will look into buying sennheiser next. Not so sure on Shure as they are a bit out of my price range :)

  3. I'm content with my five dollar Sony headphones. I need to get a new computer before I think about getting new headphones haha.

  4. Hi man I just got some koss portapro trust me they are IT, I did a review you should check it out.